Smartphones and tablets make them more like a horror movie

Trojans, worms and spyware sound like elements straight from a summer blockbuster, but the kind of action/adventure they provide on your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets make them more like a horror movie.

By deploying effective endpoint security, you can help prevent attacks and keep your users safe from viruses and other malware, such as spear phishing and advanced persistent threats. Today’s state-of-the-art endpoint security has come a long way from its early roots in “antivirus” and has morphed into a complex suite of sophisticated protections against modern threats.
But good protection isn’t free; so, how can you save money, while still protecting your computers? Here’s how to reduce your investment….

Keeping users safe
In an ideal world, users would be perfectly security conscious. These mythical users wouldn’t:

Click on suspicious links.
Open file attachments emailed by criminals pretending to be their friends.
Respond to phishing messages that appear to be from a bank.
Disable software updates because warnings and reboots are annoying.
Disable a security product because it slows down their PC.
Install free software from an untrustworthy developer, because their friend “liked” it on Facebook.
Sadly, our world is less than ideal. Much, much less: A recent report said that 86 percent of U.S. businesses surveyed had lost sensitive data during the previous year.

User awareness training helps, but it isn’t sufficient. That’s why your endpoints need securing. Doing so helps prevent your users from accidentally exposing sensitive business information, such as your banking credentials, secret-sauce recipes or future product plans.

Save time and money on endpoint security
Your challenge is to protect your users while minimizing costs: How do you save time and money, while keeping your company safe?

Look for a modern endpoint security solution – not one thrown together from an old antivirus program and a fresh coat of paint.

How can you tell?
A start-of-the-art solution does the following:

Works intelligently in the background, without bogging down the user’s computer
Scans for malware in seconds, not hours
Uses a reliable, built-from-the-ground-up cloud security service to identify malware, not a huge signature file that’s quickly out-of-date
Works intelligently while offline, reconnecting with the cloud service to check changes made while disconnected
Fixes infected PCs, if necessary, by rolling back the computer’s state to a known-good point
Automatically monitors untrusted software executions to prevent infection
Allows you to enforce certain policy settings, such as use of USB ports, and prevents users from disabling security features
Doesn’t fight with competing installed products, to allow you to test it safely