How to get more from an old maxi dress

A maxi dress can be an incredibly versatile style of clothing, but even they can seem tired after they have been worn too many times. Luckily, even the oldest maxi dress can be given a new lease of life in just a few easy steps. There is no need to get rid of your old dress just yet.

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In the modern world, more attention is being paid to the possibility of reusing and adapting old clothes rather than constantly buying new outfits. Whilst you may want to take scissors or a needle and thread to your outfit, there are simpler ways to make your maxi dress appear new and help you both look and feel your best.

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The way you wear your maxi dress can change with the season and therefore it can be refreshed every time the weather changes. In winter it can be paired with jumpers and trousers and you will probably want more layers over the top. In summer, you can drop some of these extras and go for a lighter, cooler look with sandals, broad-brimmed hat, and a straw bag.


Your maxi dress will look very different depending on what other clothing accompanies it. If you are wearing it in colder weather, you may need to wear a jacket, but there is still room for stylistic variation. Choose between denim, leather or some other material depending on your personal taste. You may want to minimize the extra layers in summer, but even a light cardigan can make a difference.


Just as maxi dresses are available in a range of colors and patterns (just see AX Paris for the kind of selection available from many retailers), so are your accessories and accents. A bright colored pair of shoes will draw the eye and have a completely different impact on neutral shoes that leave the dress as the main focal point.


Choice of accessories can impact how your dress is perceived and will vary depending upon the occasion. You can coordinate your bag and shoes as well but be careful with your choice of color and design. For instance, sandals are fine for when you are out and about on a summer’s day, whilst you will probably want some heels for a more formal occasion.

How to Wear Neutrals from Head to Toe

Boring beige? Washed-out white? Not if you choose the right shade for your skin tone and wear neutrals in the right way.

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The Right Shade

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First of all, remember that there is no ‘one shade of white’ or beige or cream, so you need to find out what works for you. According to fashion magazine InStyle, color is the most important thing in styling. The wrong shade will make you look washed out.

The Right Fabric

The key to wearing neutrals is to vary the fabric so there is variety in the texture. Too much of the same material can just look boring. So maybe mix an Aran jumper with smooth jeans or linen trousers with a silk top. If you do decide to wear the same fabric, try adding a belt in a different shade.

The Right Occasion

The obvious occasion to wear white or cream is as a bride, so this is the one time when the wedding guest dresses should not be in these colors. However, these are not the only neutral colors – grey and navy also count. You could wear cream colored shoes with navy – they will add length to your leg if your skin is a similar color. If you do this, don’t mix in other colors. While we are on the subject of weddings, try to find out what the bride will wear and check out specialist retailers such as so you get something that fits in without competing.

The Right Single Item

There are some great chunky knitted dresses around at the moment, so find one with a bit of panache – something button-through so you can leave a split at the bottom. Pair it with a pair of slouch boots in a complementary shade and you’re good to go.

The Right Boiler Suit

A neutral color with contrasting buttons can look great, especially if you wear boots in the same contrasting color and keep your other accessories in the same color.

The Right Coat

Camel coats never go out of style, so you can wear one from season to season. Just remember the advice about the right shade, though. If you want a neutral look, try white or brown trousers. If you go for brown, wear cream-colored shoes or boots.