Organic skincare products that protect you from skincare damage


People have become vigilant about skincare products to apply to their bodies after the increased cases of allergies and reactions from synthetic skincare products. A good number are starting to believe that those synthetic products they use might be harmful to their bodies, and their attention has shifted to personal care products because of their safety. Since the skin is the largest part of the body, it is very crucial to take good care of it, and many people are turning focus to natural skincare products because of the less harmful effects they have. Organic skincare products mean the products are free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and other organic products. Hence consumers can get to know about Colorescience and its products. However, natural and organic products are not necessarily safe for your skin, and they can still cause some allergic reactions and skin irritation to some people.

How does organic skincare work?

The skin has a healthy barrier whose function is to protect the skin from harmful elements. Not all the products that we apply to our skin are absorbed, unlike the food we ingest. The skin absorbs only small molecules.  A skin with a healthy barrier is well moisturized, resilient, well hydrated and flexible. A weak barrier allows hydration out and irritants. Over time your skin barrier can become impaired. Exposure to environmental stressors and ageing can cause cumulative damage to the skin structure. Many organic skincare products are essentially used to deliver the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. Without the proper skin care, cracks and other skin damages occur. This creates space for bacteria and irritants to enter the skin and for moisture and hydration to escape. The following things can make your skin barrier become damaged; pollution, UV exposure, blue light, stress, poor diet, harsh chemical skin care and extreme temperatures. If you are interested in adopting organic skin care products, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Many organic skin care products are expensive.
  • What you eat and what you apply to your skin are equally important. A clean, nutritious diet is crucial for your healthy skin. Many nutritious foods can nourish your skin and make it glow, keeping it clear and young from the inside out.
  • The ingredient label at the back is more important than the front label of any bottle because any product can claim to be organic, but the ingredients will tell it all.

Many organic skin care products can be made from ingredients in your fridge. If you can’t afford organic skin care products, you can always make yours at home, but you should be able to tell the state of your organic skincare product. Just because your skin care product is organic doesn’t mean it can’t harm you. If they are irritating to your skin, you better stop using them immediately.

The following organic skincare products can be prepared from home and help to prevent skin damage:

  • Moisturizer– Shea butter and natural oils can be used to make moisturizers. This helps to hydrate the dry skin. It can be prepared by melting half a cup of raw Shea butter and add two tablespoons of jojoba oil. Freeze it until solid, and then add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, such as lavender or tea tree.
  • Face mask- Avocados are the perfect ingredients for a facemask because they contain antioxidants, healthy fat, vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cleanser- can be made from raw honey because they contain antibacterial properties and are full of antioxidants.
  • Toner- a face toner is used to restoring your skin to its normal pH balance moisturizing. Synthetic toners typically contain alcohol which can irritate your skin, but apple cider vinegar can make a good organic toner.
  • Makeup remover– olive oil can be the best raw material for making a gentle, moisturizing makeup remover. Simply dip a piece of cotton ball into a small amount of olive oil and rub it over your face to remove makeup before cleansing.

Organic skincare products have several benefits because they have no harmful chemicals; thus, organic skincare products work in the body. The organic materials rejuvenate the skin and make it look supple, and make it look healthy. You will not experience inflammation, irritation or redness when using organic skincare products. This means both non-allergic and allergic people can apply organic skincare products on their skin without any adverse effects. The use of organic skincare products helps preserve the environment from harmful pollution through the mining of minerals. Since organic skincare products are made from plant-based ingredients that contain high antioxidants and vitamins, they also help repair your skin and heal quickly. Organic skin care products have been proven helpful with fewer side effects. Therefore, people should adopt using them instead of synthetic skin care because they can be prepared at home at a cheaper cost.

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